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Welcome to Geometry Island! You are just in time to partake in the biggest brawl between two warring geometric factions - the Cubemen and Octahedrons.  So pick a side and fight your way to victory in Geometry Boxer, featuring...

  • The Cubemen and Octahedrons, two unique factions with their own geometric attacks, such as the Cube-Stomp and Octahedron Whirl
  • An advanced, motion-captured, animation driven-physics system that creates hilariously verbose combat scenarios
  • An array of melee weapons including hatchets, crowbars, fire hydrants, and much more
  • 2-Player co-operative mode for the entirety of the campaign (2 controllers required)
  • Xbox 360/PS4 controller & mouse/keyboard support
  • ...and much more!

Punch, kick, and smash your way into Geometric history by conquering the island for your faction! Take advantage of the wacky physics and exciting special abilities to best your opponents.  Be the last one standing at the end of each stage to proceed to the next area.  If you are having trouble beating the hordes of enemies on your own, recruit a friend for some silly splitscreen co-operative action!

Made by students from the University of Utah, 2018


If you have any feedback, please let us know. Your feedback is an invaluable tool in helping to make Geometry Boxer even better. Thank you.

Install instructions

When downloading the game on Windows: 

 - Game comes in zip with two files unzipped

- One file is the Data folder

- One file is the executable

- Save these files wherever but keep them in the same folder!

- Double click the .exe file (not the folder) to play the game!

When downloading the game on Mac:

- Game comes in the zip with one .app file

- Drag .app file into applications folder

- Double click this application to launch the game!


geometry-boxer-windows-64.zip 584 MB
Version 1.6 May 08, 2018
geometry-boxer-osx-32.zip 509 MB
Version 1.1 Mar 30, 2018
geometry-boxer-osx-64.zip 586 MB
Version 1.6 May 08, 2018
geometry-boxer-windows-32.zip 581 MB
Version 1.6 May 08, 2018